Writer. Musician. Surfer.

Do you have an article, novel, or term paper that needs some editing? I wasn’t in college for 10 years for nothing! I edit just as much as I write. For freelance editing services, contact me here.

I also offer private drum lessons in the Santa Ana (CA) area. Contact me here as well for more infomation.

I am a Chapman University alum with both an MA and MFA in English Literature and Creative Writing. My academic focus is metafictional writing such as the work of Danielewski, Nabokov, Tomasula. My creative work reflects that interest. I also hold a BA in English Literature from California State University, Long Beach, and an AA in the Fine Arts and Humanities from Riverside City College.

Additionally, I host the Prism Collective Podcast, a show about the arts and culture in So-Cal.